We’re sorry to announce that Inky Path is now discontinued. We are no longer accepting submissions.

You can read our farewell statement here

Volume 1.3 is now available! Read it here.

Inky Path is a literary magazine devoted to showcasing interactive fiction. 

Read. Write. Discuss. Inky Path provides a space to discuss and review IF as more than just a series of games. Instead it hopes to foster discussion of IF as a literary medium.

Pioneer of the literary world.

Inky Path is the only lit mag that promotes interactive fiction and provides readers with the resources to create their own stories.

From fascination to creation.

Visit the Inky Path’s Wix site to find our more about how to write your own IF games.

Fostering a community of IF discussion.

Read the works, participate in contests, meet the community.

Sharing work across the web.

Visit the submission page to learn more about submitting your work.

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