Interview, Game Jams, and Elegies to Dead Worlds

A2Z-BADGE [2014] - Support - smallInky’s got publicity! As part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, Stuart Lloyd has been conducting gamebo0k and interactive fiction interviews for blog Lloyd of Gamebooks

You can find Inky’s interview here: Z is for XYZZY

In submission news, there’s just over one month left before the release of our second volume! That means that now is the time to submit, all  you scribes and storytellers.

Combining games and literature? Who would’ve thought it could be done? Well Dejobaan apparently, because Elegy for a Dead World is described by this PC Gamer article as an “experimental game concept…tales of forgotten civilizations and extinct societies, all filtered though the textual influence of British Romantic poetry.”  Players explore the landscape to learn more about the ancient civilizations that once existed there. 

Speaking of games, the Public Domain Jam is right around the corner. The Jam invites developers to create games based off stories in the public domain. Games should be created between May 17-24 and submitted to the Jam’s webpage, with various criteria for rating.


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