2 Weeks ’til Vol 1.3!

Two weeks left until the release of Inky Path’s third volume. We’re bringing you stories of the untold, the truths behind deception, the shadows behind substance. Featuring five works of interactive fiction, we’re bringing work to the table like this lit mag has never seen before.

Vol. 1.3 — Coming August 31.

Other Interactives Pt. 1 — Blindscape

blindWe all know and love interactive fiction, but there are other ways to create a compelling, interactive, narrative-driven story without hyperlinks or a parser.

Blindscape is an experimental narrative featuring a blind narrator in a dystopic world.

Interact with the environment through sound and touch, and escape from the life you lead. Although the game is relatively short it is an impactful tale with some great audio (and apparently stunning 3D graphics as well) that is well worth a look and a listen.

Available on Google Play or the App Store