List of Works



Listen, Sally — Krishan Coupland

From his site: Krishan Coupland is currently studying Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. He lives in Norwich, but was born in Southampton and completed his undergraduate degree at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent.



Lore: A Tale of a Sword and Those Who Wielded It 

T. Y. Vaught

Growing up in the late seventies and early eighties, T. Y. Vaught amassed an extensive collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books, as well as other similar series. “Lore” is her first Twine story. Under the screen name archerhawk, she created the change-the-URL online riddles Riddling Park (2008) and Cross’s Curiosities (2009).


All That We Could Ever Be: a reincarnation [anti]romance


I’m trying to think of things to say as part of a short bio but all I can think of is “I’m an Australian”, so I’ll give you that to justify the Australian English spelling in the story.

(do not) forget — lectronice

lectronice is all lowercase. He lives between France and the Internet, and whether he is the digital persona of a french game designer or a real person doesn’t really matters. He believes authors are less important than their works. He started his career as one of the monikers of a self-taught electronic musician. Later, he founded Streams of Europe, a multimedia collective. Now, he’s probably a game developer. Or a data ghost.

lectronice is a member of the Fear of Twine collective. He’s currently working as a programmer on a lemon addiction simulator called Zest, with Richard Goodness as a writer and PaperBlurt as an artist.

The Harem Club — Jane Nin (SilkWords)

SilkWords features interactive fiction for the busy, modern woman who enjoys romance stories. SilkWords stories differ from traditional gameplay stories in that we focus on the story first with rich characters and settings and offer interactivity for the reader after the characters and setting have been established. Each story has at least two choices for the reader to make leading to at least three different endings. On the website, the reader is able to reset the story to any choice point and make different choices leading to different endings.

NOTE: You need a SilkWords account to access the full version.



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