New Submission Guidelines, Upcoming Interviews, and More!

Now that Inky Path’s first volume is launched it’s time to roll out some big changes.

  • Submission Guidelines — We’re cutting down our guidelines to let you submit your work in the simplest way possible. No more reading through a long list of requirements!
  • Streamlined Editing — We’re improving our editing process to get decisions and comments to author in the quickest way we can.
  • Regular Updates — We’re letting this space become a great location for IF news, musings, and other great content. If you have blog content you want to post/repost here, see the Submissions page for the details.
  • Interviews! — We’re sending out a fresh round of interviews to writers and developers in the IF community. If you might be interested in participating in an interview, drop us a line.

Expect to see some new developments around here in upcoming weeks.

As always, we’re accepting interactive fiction pieces–both new and previously published. Visit the Submissions page for more info.


Call for Blog Guest Contributors!

Do you have a hankering to share with the world your thoughts on interactive fiction? Do you have a sparkly new review to share or thoughts on the state of interactive fiction today? Do you just want to tell the world a few of your favorite IF games?

We’d love to have you as a guest contributor on our blog. It’s not a multiple-contribution commitment (unless you want it to be) so go ahead and send in that one great blog post that you’ve wanted the world to see.