A Farewell

After releasing three great volumes I am sorry to announce that Inky Path is closing its doors.

Inky started off as little more than a dream, and with the help of my amazing editors and an immense amount of support from the interactive fiction community, Inky grew into a great mag showcasing interactive fiction for both the IF community and those outside of IF. Inky Path began with two main goals–connecting the IF community and the outside world, and bringing different forms of IF together under one roof. And I think Inky succeeded in that goal, its volumes knitting together different interactive fiction and presenting IF as work of literary value. It was an experiment, and I’d like to think that it succeeded.

Inky Path was a great experience, and I’d like to once again thank everyone who helped make this possible, including a special shout-out to our contributors. Without you all, we wouldn’t have a magazine! I would also like to thank astounding editors Reagan Neviska, Irene Enlow, and Lia Lewine, who brought this mag to life and stuck with me through thick and thin.

And just because the mag is over doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else left in store. We’ll still be updating the blog occasionally to keep up with the latest IF news. And I’ll still be around the IF community, perhaps cooking up some new IF experiments.

Thank you once more, and farewell for now.



Devi Acharya




Updated Submission Guidelines, Parser vs Hypertext, and the Magical XYZZY!

It’s been a crazy last few weeks for interactive fiction! But first, the news on Inky…

Inky News

We’ve updated our submission guidelines, making them simpler and more streamlined to allow you to submit your piece rather than reading through long lists of guidelines. If you’re thinking of submitting to our second volume you’ve got 1 month left to get those pieces in.

Check out the submission guidelines here.

IF News

New developments are shaking the IF world. The results of the XYZZY Awards have been released along with a transcript of the ceremony. For those who don’t know, the Awards allow individuals to vote on the best IF Game, Writing, Puzzle, NPC, and other categories for all the games made that year.

Chris Klimas points out in his Storycade article that for the first time, a majority of the games were produced with Twine. Instead of this heralding an end to parser-based IF, however, he maintains that the increasing popularity of hypertext IF adds to the great wealth of IF that can be written and played and promotes a greater IF culture and community.

If you’re more interested in RPGs, Fail Forward offers some great links and reviews of tabletop and pen and paper RPGs including a clever review of Retrocasuality.

Release Date Finalized! Also, acceptances…

After spending the last couple of weeks reviewing submissions and writing up comments, I’m pleased to announce that the release date for Volume 1 is Feb. 28! Keep your eyes open for Inky’s Winter Edition!

In other news, the first round of acceptances/rejections went out today. A lot of thought and discussion went into the final decisions, and I think we’re going to have a very strong line-up for Vol. 1.

To those accepted–a hearty congratulations to you! To those rejected–it’s not personal. We’ve had many strong submissions and we hope to see even more excellent work from you and other writers in the future. To those lurking and wondering whether to submit–go for it! We want to see your work. We’ll always provide written feedback as well, so why not go ahead and submit that new project?