Guest Post: Bad Fiction Writing — Important Three Things the Readers Hate

In this post, Harvey Hammond shares tips on keeping readers engaged immersed in a work.

Bad fiction writing has been used among many writers. Fiction writing requires one to create an imaginary scenario and develop a personal voice through the story. In fiction writing, one is also supposed to create and project an image that seems real in the mind of the readers.

There is some fiction writing that can be put in either a good or bad category. A work is deemed bad if it fails to deliver as intended to the reader.

Some of the bad fiction writing characteristics that readers hate include:

Lack of or the inability of a writer to create an image in the mind of the reader

Any fiction writer is meant to use words and create an almost real image in the mind of the reader. This is meant to place the reader in to the real-time events of the story as it unfolds. In bad fiction writing, a reader is left with little or nothing at all of a mental image of the story.

A piece of bad fiction will not use enough descriptive words to help the reader imagine the scene as it happens in the fiction.

Lack of naturality

In fiction writing, a feeling of naturality helps the fiction reader relate to the story. Readers would hate a story where every character feels unnatural. A fiction writer should therefore give their characters natural feelings. Some stories involve supernatural characters. However, if all characters in a fiction story are supernatural, readers may deem that bad fiction and be unable to relate.

Repetition/inconsistency and overuse of words

This is also another bad fiction writing characteristic hated by readers. Repeating a scene and a lack of any new material throughout a piece will make the work feel plain and not exciting. Repetition also fails to paint a clear image in mind, as the reader keeps imagining the same image. A fiction writer should use a diverse range of words while painting an image. One should avoid overuse of the same descriptive words. Also, one should involve a diverse range of nouns to create an image without repetition. Repetition also brings boredom while one is reading a fiction.

This is also one of the bad fiction writing characteristics hated by fiction readers. A fiction writer is meant to use words and have consistency in the fiction story. A fiction should unfold from one scene to the next in a flowing way and in a chronological manner. The easy flow of fiction will in turn assist a fiction reader to be able to follow events happening in the story. Readers do hate bad fiction writing without this flow. This is because it scatters their mind and is not able to be comprehended by the reader. In case of a conversation in fiction, a reader would hate if there is no consistency in the way the conversation is being said. In some cases, the conversation may involve several people which leads to a lot of word exchange. In such a case, a fiction writer is meant to give such a conversation a feeling of direction.



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