A Farewell

After releasing three great volumes I am sorry to announce that Inky Path is closing its doors.

Inky started off as little more than a dream, and with the help of my amazing editors and an immense amount of support from the interactive fiction community, Inky grew into a great mag showcasing interactive fiction for both the IF community and those outside of IF. Inky Path began with two main goals–connecting the IF community and the outside world, and bringing different forms of IF together under one roof. And I think Inky succeeded in that goal, its volumes knitting together different interactive fiction and presenting IF as work of literary value. It was an experiment, and I’d like to think that it succeeded.

Inky Path was a great experience, and I’d like to once again thank everyone who helped make this possible, including a special shout-out to our contributors. Without you all, we wouldn’t have a magazine! I would also like to thank astounding editors Reagan Neviska, Irene Enlow, and Lia Lewine, who brought this mag to life and stuck with me through thick and thin.

And just because the mag is over doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else left in store. We’ll still be updating the blog occasionally to keep up with the latest IF news. And I’ll still be around the IF community, perhaps cooking up some new IF experiments.

Thank you once more, and farewell for now.



Devi Acharya




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